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The Illinois


Glass Tower

Freedom Tower

CN Tower

World Financial Center

Taipei 101

Sears Tower

World Trade Center

Petronas Towers

Jin Mao Tower

Empire State Building

Larkin Building

Aon Center

Hancock Center

Shun Hing Square

Library Tower

Chase Tower

Bank of China

Stratosphere Tower

Chrysler Building

Seafirst Center

Burj Al Arab

Cheung Kong Center

CitiCorp Center

Scotia Plaza

Transco Tower

Trump World Tower

40 Wall St.

Cities Service

1 Liberty Place

Al Faisaliah

Bank Of America

Aon Center (L.A.)

Emirates Hotel

Transamerica Pyramid

Rockefeller Center

Bank One Plaza

Two Liberty Place

Rialto Towers

DLI 63


Chase Plaza

Pan Am

Mellon Bank

Hancock Tower

Prudential Center

Woolworth Building

Bank Of America


Washington Mutual

Bear Stearns

60 Wall St.

U. S. Steel

Farmers Trust

Bell Atlantic

World Financial Center

JP Morgan Chase

Marriott Rennaissance Center

Olympia Centre

Westin Peachtree Plaza

Fountain Place

Terminal Tower

Met Life Tower

Georgia Pacific

500 Fifth Ave.

R. R. Donnelley

Trump Tower

Irving Trust

599 Lexington Ave.

Chanin Building

Sony Plaza

Lake Point Tower

RCA Victor

Gateway Arch

Blue Cross Tower

One Detroit Center

New York Life

Singer Building

One Prudential Plaza

30 St. Mary's Axe

Marina City


Municipal Building

520 Madison Ave.

1st National Bank

Chicago Board of Trade

7 World Trade Center

Sherry Netherland

100 UN Plaza

Washington Monument

Mackinac Bridge

Edificio Italia

Seagram Building

New York Central

LeVeque Tower

Union Dime

Bankers Trust

Cathedral Of Learning

Mather Tower

Standard Oil

Williamsburg Bank


Torre Latinoamericana

Custom House


Guardian Building

333 West Wacker Drive

Continental Assurance (Britannica)

Smith Tower

Tribune Tower

Foshay Tower

Louisiana State Capitol

Wachovia Center

Ruan Center

Los Angeles City Hall

Lipstick Building

Met Life North

Bush Tower

Nebraska State Capitol


Park Row

First National Bank Of Denver

Bank of Nova Scotia

Paris Las Vegas

Times Square

Main Place Tower

Farmers Bank

American Radiator

Martin Tower

Citizens Federal Centre

New Toronto City Hall


Knights of Columbus

St. Paul

Seattle Building

World Building

Lever House


Brooklyn Bridge
GM Building
Lamar Life
Carillon Tower
Spaceship Earth

Washington Sq. Arch